- Conference Presentations

  • 2015 Brighton - ENGLAND
    The European Conference on Language Learning 2015.
    PAPER: Adjusting Written Feedback on Postgraduate Student Writing to Optimize Student Uptake.
  • 2014 Istanbul - TURKEY
    Refresh: The Changing Role of Freshman English (Sabancı University)
    PAPER: Adjusting Written Feedback on Student Writing to Optimize Student Uptake.
  • 2013 Kathmandu - NEPAL
    34th Annual Conference of Linguistic Society of Nepal.
    PAPER: Challenges in Writing for ÖYP Postgraduate Students.
  • 2012 Ankara - TURKEY
    2nd MLD Talks (Modern Languages Department, ODTÜ).
    PAPER: Teacher Burnout: Challenges and Chances in Our Cultural Context.
  • 2011 Amsterdam - HOLLAND
    WasHE Symposium (Language Testing): Making the Framework Work (VU University).
    PAPER: Designing Different Rubrics for the Assessment of Undergraduate & Graduate Students’ Writing.
  • 2010 Jyväskylä - FINLAND
    The International Conference on Who needs languages? Micro and macro perspectives into language education policies University of Jyväskylä, Finland.
    PAPER: Speaking: To Assess or not to Assess?
  • 2007 Vilnius - LITHUANIA
    Language and Culture: new challenges for the teachers of Europe (Vilnius University).
    PAPER: Participation Patterns in the ELT Classroom.
  • 2006 Cambridge - ENGLAND
    CamLing 2006: The Fourth University of Cambridge Postgraduate Conference in Language Research.
    Pro-drop in L3 acquisition: A study in the Optimality Theoretic framework.
  • 2004 Edirne - TURKEY
    The Third International ELT Conference (Trakya University).
    PAPER: In Search of a Taste of Coherence in Academic Writing.
  • 2003 Hamilton - NEW ZEALAND
    LED 2003: Language, Education and Diversity.
    PAPER: Evaluation of ENG 102 (English for Academic Purposes II).